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Double Trouble at the Dead Zoo

Double Trouble at the Dead Zoo

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Dublin, 1859

Bram Stoker: Boy seeking adventure (and things to write about)
Molly Malone: Part-time sneak thief and full-time Dublin legend!

When Bram and his best pal Molly meet a lonely boy called Sanjit in Dublin’s Natural History Museum, they can see he needs some friends. So they, along with Molly’s gang, The Sackville Street Spooks, take him under their wing.

Sanjit tells them the tale of the dread (and very dead) pirate, Captain Lamprey and his links to the Museum. Soon the new shipmates find themselves outwitting vagabonds and villains, hot on the trail of a mysterious long-lost treasure … the Rajapur Ruby!

But little do they know that not everyone they come across is who they claim to be!

Where CAN that ruby be?

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