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Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

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A two-colour graphic novel about speaking-up and standing out
when you feel different. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier

How do you find your voice when everyone around you is
telling you to be quiet?

Frankie is different, and so is her best-friend, Sam. So when
they both start secondary school, it's tough. Particularly when there
are so many rules to follow, like: No talking in class! Be quiet
in the hallways! Silence for assembly!

Frankie doesn't know how she'll manage, because constantly talking
is how she copes. So when she gets the chance to compete in
a Battle of the Bands contest, Frankie couldn't be more
excited. Except, to have a band, you need to have band members. And
to have band members, you need to be good at making friends...

Can Frankie learn to find her voice and stand out?
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