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Sam Hannigan and the Last Dodo

Sam Hannigan and the Last Dodo

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Sam Hannigan runs an animal shelter in Clobberstown, Co. Dublin with three others: her insect loving best friend Ajay Patel, her crazy granny Nanny Gigg and her big bully brother Bruno.

When a mysterious package arrives on the doorstep of Hannigan's Haven, Sam and the gang are astonished to discover that it contains a living, breathing Dodo bird! Where did the dodo come from, who sent it, and, most importantly, how is it not extinct?

Being a lover of all animals, Sam immediately falls in love with the dodo (which she names Desmond) and treats it like a member of the family. Unfortunately, a gang of ruthless exotic animal smugglers is near. When Captain Stinky Derriere and his lumbering First Mate Chum catch a scent of the dodo, Stinky makes it his life mission to catch and eat Desmond!

Join Sam, Ajay and the gang as they endeavour to keep Desmond safe and secret until they can deliver him to Uncle Monty, whose sole wish is to deliver Desmond to the mythical Dodo Island. 

Recommended ages: 12 - 15

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